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Lightning detection

Skyscan StormPro2 recalibration
Recalibration procedure: Perform a "noise test" twice in a quiet environment (no electromagnetic interference sources). Preferably outdoors and without lightning activity within 75 km.
The "noise test" is described in the manual supplied with your Weerhuisje.nl StormPro2.
Skyscan recalibration advice
Situation1: Outdoor use only
  • Only out of use
  • Only use on batteries
  • StormPro detects accurately

Skyscan re-calibration advice:
If safety requirements require it, Skyscan recommends an annual calibration.

Situation 2: Indoor use only
  • Only indoor use.
  • Only use on AC adapter.

Skyscan re-calibration advice:
Skyscan recommends recalibration once a month.
This is due to overvoltage in the power supply which develops a noise profile which makes the unit perform less well.
Skyscan recommends the use of surge protection. And then carrying out a recalibration once every three months.

Situation 3: Indoor and outdoor use
  • Both indoors and outdoors use.
  • Use with AC adapter and battery.

Skyscan re-calibration advice:
Skyscan recommends recalibration once every three to six months.
Depending on the indoor and outdoor ratio use shorter or longer interval. The experience of the user regarding the performance of the StormPro2 can also be taken into account.