Lightning detectors

Lightning detection
Lightning detectors are used to detect approaching thunderstorms. Lightning strikes caused by thunderstorms can be dangerous for humans and animals. A lightning strike just a short distance can be fatal. Take a lightning detector along for nature walks, recreation and water sports such as sailing and surfing. A lightning detector can also be a valuable addition to outdoor events.

Lightning detectors register the electrical discharge of a lightning strike. The most important discharges are the cloud-ground impacts. These impacts are measured by the lightning detector. Some detectors can also register cloud-cloud impacts. The storm detector detects the distance to the storm and can thus determine whether the storm is approaching or is moving away from the location. Weerhuisje supplies lightning detectors from various suppliers.

About Skyscan
  • SkyScan is the most recognizable brand of portable lightning detectors available today. It’s currently used worldwide by companies and organizations that require simple easy to use technology that really works!
  • Simple to use– easy to understand, no complicated menus to program simply power the unit on and the patented software in all SkyScan Models does everything else.
  • Trust the leading brand of portable lighting detectors. Trust SkyScan Lightning Detectors.
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About StrikeAlert
StrikeAlert HD is an extension of the familiar StrikeAlert Lightning detection technology, but with advanced applications.
StrikeAlert HD is the first personal lightning detector with an intuitive graphic display that shows you the lightning strike distance and a storm trend of 1 hour. StrikeAlert HD has both audible and vibration warnings and works for up to 80 hours on two AA batteries.

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