Including: Preïnstall - License - Configuration - 10m network cable

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Your weather | Always | Everywhere | Up to date

  • Your own weather data always online with a meteobridge upload server and weather station.
  • Meteobridge Nano (Pro) for the Davis Vantage Pro2 and Vantage Vue.
  • Meteobridge WUS02 for all supported weather stations.
  • Meteobridge Pro (+) with its own weather database and instant graphs.

  • Various plug & play combi packs. Plug in and ready! Watch the video.
  • Templates installation service for the more demanding weather enthousiast.
  • Your own plug & play weather website at available for all metebridges.

WUS02 - Meteobridge - LAN and WIFI
  • No local storage weather data, so no risk of data loss.
  • Suitable for many types of weather stations. List at: Product info > Meteobridge.
  • Wired or wireless (Wifi).
  • Delivery incl. Installed license key, mains adapter, USB 2.0 Hub and 10m network cable.

Meteobridge Nano(SD)
  • Suitable for Davis Vantage Pro2 / Vantage Vue and Envoy.
  • Uses the expansion module slot.
  • The Nano SD has internal storage and same functionality as Meteobridge Pro.
  • Internal Davis logger chip provides uninterrupted weatherlink PC weather data.

WUS03 - Meteobridge Pro(+)
  • With internal memory for local storage of weather data.
  • With display and (Weerhuisje) scripts for showing various variants of current weather data.
  • Built-in, very comprehensive graph generator. Directly accessible from the Meteobridge.
  • Pro + (red) has a built-in Davis receiver.

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